• daviddiamond

    FORUM THEATRE: An Interview with Theatre for Living’s David Diamond

    Theatre for Living's David Diamond has been using theatre to create artistic and transformational collaborations with communities for the past 33 years. Meet him and find out what mainstream theatre can learn from his revolutionary work.
  • standingout

    STANDING OUT: How To Audition Well

    Every Spring huge audition events are held in both Vancouver (Unified General Auditions) and Toronto (The Next Generation Showcase) so we wanted to talk to some Artistic Directors who attend these events to see what a actor can do to stand out from t...
  • sexinart2

    SEX IN ART: Is Un-Simulated Sex Ever Artistically Justified?

    Inspired by Lars Von Trier's new film, Nymphomaniac, which features several scenes of Ps going into Vs, we asked the question, "Is real sex in film or theatre ever artistically justified?" Some of us said 'yes'. Some of us said 'no'... Then we fought...
  • unemployed_edited-1

    10 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Unemployed Actor

    We have to fight for every contract because god knows, our competition will... Here is a list of things you can do right now to stay sharp and motivated in the dry spells.
  • topten

    Vancouver’s Top Ten Theatre Productions of 2013

    I went out to see 52 plays this year, not quite as good as last year's 74. Determining an order for my top ten this year was hard. This year, at any given time, the top six plays have held the top spot in my mind. This is the order I've finally decid...
  • 006_victoria urqhart_MG_3358

    The Healing Power of Theatre

    The husband was in bed, and very medicated, so he was having trouble staying awake. The wife was at the bedside. I came in, and offered to perform a piece from the Tempest- Miranda’s monologue (“I do not know one of my sex…”). They accepted, ...
  • Courtney2

    The Tale of Two Sandras

    A year out of theatre school, my agent at the time called me with “the part I was born to play.” Having been obese nearly my whole life, I’ve heard every insult and joke; I even made a few great ones myself. I would love to tell you that the sc...
  • todolist

    The Essential Theatre Producer’s To-Do List

    To send you down the right path to artistic success and achievement, we've created this handy dandy to-do list for theatre producers. All the to-do's you read here have been taken straight out of our production notebooks from the past three years. So...
  • Sean_Harris_Oliver1

    Gay Acting for the Straight Actor

    Sean Harris Oliver on Playing Gay (For Pay) The truth is, a human being is a human being. Does being in love, or having your heart broken feel differently if it's between members of the same-sex? No, of course not. Your job a...

Straight Acting for the Gay Actor

We learn through our training what our habits are. However, for us gay men, our habits are sometimes more distracting than most. How often have you sat in a theatre watching an actor play Macbeth and thought to yourself, “This man is gayer than cum...