• 20:49

    The Countdown

    The more I study it, the more it seems like advertising is the conscious and deliberate wearing of an explosive vest with only a subtle understanding of how to defuse it.
  • 1:23

    Casting Notice for “Ugly Criers”

    These homely saps have been staring me down on the subway for the past couple weeks. Do I love the campaign? Not particularly, but the message is clear and the imagery memorable. So let’s have a kic...
  • 0:13

    What do Marketers Think of You?

    Who doesn’t love a good survey that classifies you into one of nine general categories for the purposes of being understood by marketers? God knows I do!
  • 23:36

    Meat-Eating Crushed Grapes for Men

    Devour Life. This seems personal somehow. Perhaps research suggested that my target demographic found that an active social life cost more than they could sometimes afford.
  • 18:16

    Sorry, I Just Ate an Onion Bagel.

    The creatives who received the data and insight from the strategists drew a parallel between the deal-breaking scenario of not having a condom at the time it’s needed and not having fresh breath at ...
  • 2:57
    Image: Kim Jong Un

    Perhaps Kim Jong-un Sprays Axe on his Balls

    Okay, So I’m Axe. I know that people’s biggest fear is global annihilation, and that they believe the world could use more love. What am I going to do?
  • 1:55

    Price Your Theatre Right

    We need to take a hard look at the value that our theatre productions are bringing to the lives of our audience. Why are we charging 80% more than the cost of a ticket to Cineplex Odeon?
  • 23:54

    Suck it Putin… I’m Drinking Whisky Tonight!

    ...a ban of Russian vodka in an attempt to send a message to Russia, “DON’T FUCK WITH THE GAYS! (Or we’ll stop getting loaded on your booze)”. The gay community followed suit.
  • 0:25

    Adult Education

    I stopped being an actor because I wanted more not because I conceded defeat. It was a battle I wasn’t willing to have, so I stopped fighting.
  • 2:40


    Whoa! Axe Canada… Stepping up your game huh? I’m assuming your original demographic is growing up? Or perhaps you want to try and broaden your reach? Either way, I’m picking up what you’re put...

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