• topten

    Vancouver’s Top Ten Theatre Productions of 2013

    I went out to see 52 plays this year, not quite as good as last year's 74. Determining an order for my top ten this year was hard. This year, at any given time, the top six plays have held the top spot in my mind. This is the order I've finally decid...
  • 006_victoria urqhart_MG_3358

    The Healing Power of Theatre

    The husband was in bed, and very medicated, so he was having trouble staying awake. The wife was at the bedside. I came in, and offered to perform a piece from the Tempest- Miranda’s monologue (“I do not know one of my sex…”). They accepted, ...
  • Courtney2

    The Tale of Two Sandras

    A year out of theatre school, my agent at the time called me with “the part I was born to play.” Having been obese nearly my whole life, I’ve heard every insult and joke; I even made a few great ones myself. I would love to tell you that the sc...

The Essential Theatre Producer’s To-Do List

To send you down the right path to artistic success and achievement, we've created this handy dandy to-do list for theatre producers. All the to-do's you read here have been taken straight out of our production notebooks from the past three years. So...

Working Smart vs. Working Hard: Creating Art without Destroying Yourself

"Because of the work, I fear never finding a man to love, to grow old with, to kiss me on my dying breath. I fear that one day I will die alone in my one bedroom condominium. I will be eaten by my three cats and not found for several weeks, the major...