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    Whoa! Axe Canada… Stepping up your game huh? I’m assuming your original demographic is growing up? Or perhaps you want to try and broaden your reach? Either way, I’m picking up what you’re putting down.
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    Pissing in Mexico

    I've been meaning to replace my phone since breaking the camera while vacationing in Mexico. This happened the day after I almost got arrested for pissing into the ocean (apparently something you shouldn’t do when vacationing in Mexico).
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    Building Brand Loyalty for Theatre Creators

    No one said business was easy, but that’s what you signed up for when you decided to start a theatre company. Perhaps it’s time to really think about how to build loyalty for your brand to keep your audience coming back for more every time.


When I read the headline, “Caitlyn Jenner Doesn’t Want to Be a Woman Anymore” I immediately read the article, then googled the headline to see how any other sources were available on the topic. There were a few. I read a couple and posted to Fa...

STANDING OUT: How To Audition Well

Every Spring huge audition events are held in both Vancouver (Unified General Auditions) and Toronto (The Next Generation Showcase) so we wanted to talk to some Artistic Directors who attend these events to see what a actor can do to stand out from t...