• game3

    Game of Thrones is Soft-Core Porn (Duh!)

    I personally, as a gay man, watch the parade of areolas attached to voluptuous boobies that is part of any given episode and my dick lays dormant and disinterested (the same can be said about the occasional floppy cock that graces my 46” LCD screen...
  • topten

    Vancouver’s Top Ten Theatre Productions of 2013

    I went out to see 52 plays this year, not quite as good as last year's 74. Determining an order for my top ten this year was hard. This year, at any given time, the top six plays have held the top spot in my mind. This is the order I've finally decid...
  • 006_victoria urqhart_MG_3358

    The Healing Power of Theatre

    The husband was in bed, and very medicated, so he was having trouble staying awake. The wife was at the bedside. I came in, and offered to perform a piece from the Tempest- Miranda’s monologue (“I do not know one of my sex…”). They accepted, ...

The Tale of Two Sandras

A year out of theatre school, my agent at the time called me with “the part I was born to play.” Having been obese nearly my whole life, I’ve heard every insult and joke; I even made a few great ones myself. I would love to tell you that the sc...

The Power of Working for Free: Part 2

The audience left us by our forefathers is anemic, in the last throes of death. We have to take responsibility and build our own audience, never resting on our laurels, never catering to one tiny niche of people with money. We need to develop a new r...